Treasuring Homeschooling

posted by Jonathan @ 3:29am, Saturday 15 October 2016.

Caden is getting an introduction to world history and is just finishing up one of our favorite books, Charlotte’s Web. I don’t cry only during the missionary biographies! I was practically sobbing at the end of Charlotte’s Web, when Charlotte found herself knocking on death’s door and Wilbur was saying goodbye! Although homeschooling my children is at times a difficult task (not because of the tear-inducing books), I also look at it as a privilege to train my children to know, love and honor God with their lives. We all know that it is a lifelong pursuit, but we are blessed to be able to establish a firm foundation for them. 

Our two older children have made a profession of faith, so we ask you to pray that we would see spiritual growth in their lives. Caden is recently very inquisitive about the Gospel and has been asking many questions. Please pray that the Lord would give him a true understanding of the gospel and that we would have wisdom as we shepherd him. 


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