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posted by Jonathan @ 5:32am, Saturday 1 October 2016.

After a very busy summer full of guests and activity, we found ourselves at the beginning of another school year! Carson and Kate began their 6th and 5th grade years respectively, while Caden became a cute, little 1st grader. The fact that Carson and Kate are only 15 months apart makes schooling a bit easier for me. Many of their subjects are shared, which saves a lot of time on my part. 

This year we are studying the often neglected Eastern Hemisphere in History and we began our journey in China. We will soon finish up a short biography of Hudson Taylor. I often find myself struggling to make it through a missionary biography without crying. My kids still stare and smirk when they hear my voice begin to crack and see tears streaming down my cheeks, but I hope that someday they will feel the pull on their heart and the lump in their throat as they consider how God works in the world. These pioneer missionaries of the faith gave up so much in order to serve Christ, and they continue to inspire me, and I hope, my children, to be faithful, no matter the cost. 

Missions today does require some sacrifice, but it pales in comparison to what these saints of old sacrificed to make Christ’s name known among the nations. May the Lord find us faithful as we serve Him, no matter where we are!


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