Training the mind, aiming for the heart

posted by Jonathan @ 7:09am, Saturday 17 September 2016.

I've had the opportunity to teach 5 courses at EABST this semester. While it has been very taxing, especially working on several new courses, it has also been extremely rewarding. This week in particular has been a delight to my soul. 

Two of my courses are very practical courses that work on proper handling of the Scriptures through accurate interpretation and effective communication. Each of those classes this week were spent in hands-on work with the text: showing how it's done, asking questions of the text, following a process, and gently correcting small errors that are made in interpreting the text. I'm glad that we are able to see the possibility of understanding God's Word and also feel the weight of handling it properly—men's lives are often at stake. May the Lord continue to impress that reality on our hearts as we explore and exalt in the beauty of our Savior. 

I do not typically enjoy grading. I've spent the last 2 days getting caught up in grading student projects and reading reports, and I've been encouraged by the students' academic growth and increased understanding of the Scriptures. Yet, as I strive to underscore often in the classroom, knowing much about God's Word is no substitute for a vital, vibrant relationship with the God of the Word! The truth that we see from the text should drive us to our knees and also stir us to worship him through obedience! We trust that God is impacting the mind and heart through instruction in his Word.

In addition to teaching, I had the occasion to preach in student chapel on Tuesday. We considered Solomon's instruction in Proverbs 4 to vigilantly protect our minds since it governs every aspect of our lives. It is a reminder that we all must meditate upon: have I scheduled "mind defense" into my life? Am I willing to dwell upon ideas of this world that take my eyes off what is mort important? This has vast implications upon our everyday living, if we would simply take a few moments to dwell upon all the ways that we allow sin to creep in each day. The greatest activity in life is largely an internal activity that no one will ever see, yet it will have tremendous impact upon the ultimate direction of our lives. Let's pray that God would graciously allow us to see our own sin and set up defenses against its intrusion. 

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