A Vision for God's Glory
Our ministry in Nairobi, Kenya is intimately involved in personal evangelism, church planting, and ministerial training. We have partnered with experienced Kenyan missionaries, a new team of enthusiastic ministers, and Kenyan nationals in church planting and ministerial training ministries.

We are burdened to glorify our Lord in Kenya by advancing an indigenous church planting movement and by theologically influencing and educating the leadership of that movement.

A Strategic Location ~ The capital city of Nairobi
Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, and it is the largest city in East Africa, boasting approximately four million people. Nairobi is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, as the population is expected to reach five million by 2017. As one of the most prominent cities in all of Africa, its role as an influential hub for international affairs, business development, government, and culture thrusts it forward as a "Paul-type" strategic center for ministry. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of conservative, evangelical churches within the Nairobi district. Yet due to Nairobi's location, size, and prominence we believe it is positioned to reach East Africa's people for Christ.

An Assembled Partnership
We partner with the assembled missionary team and national pastors to develop an indigenous, sustainable, and reproducible ministerial training program. The facilities and resources on the mission land in Nairobi will allow us to theologically impact the churches of Kenya by providing a base from which to center a program, and at the same time we will be able to easily access current pastors and assist in training and passing on the things that they have learned. God has given us the privilege of being fellow-workers in the Truth by going out and equipping others to also go out for the sake of His name.

The Task in Kenya

Reaching the lost

We primarily engage in personal evangelism by developing meaningful, redemptive relationships with people that we frequently come in contact with. It will also be our privilege to assist with the teaching and counseling of the predominantly unsaved campers who attend the mission Camp. We clearly teach the gospel and call for a response of faith and repentance, lovingly and passionately imploring those we meet to repent and believe the Gospel.

Preaching the truth ~ Church planting with Kenyan nationals and fellow missionaries

We are involved in the planting of churches around Nairobi. Our church-planting consists of gathering believers and evangelized converts in a specific region and then nurturing the believers through teaching about church life and leadership, answering developing questions, teaching doctrine, and mentoring leaders. However, it is our desire to not only participate in, but also ignite a passion for a church planting movement in the Nairobi region, which then spreads to the rural and coastal regions of Kenya...and beyond

We believe the proper goal of cross-cultural church planting is to have churches that are indigenous and self-replicating-free from reliance upon foreign funding. Further, no church planting effort is complete without an exit strategy; what we start in the next decade we want funded and administered by nationals in the time to follow. Thus, we plant churches alongside of Kenyan nationals who are the pastors of the churches from the beginning of the church plant. We are devoted to planting self-supporting churches that are not dependent on outside funds in order to exist or expand.

Teaching the hungry ~ Ministerial training program for men who are preparing for ministry

Our theological training ministry is a significant aspect of our ministry. We work within a team using flexible, quality ministerial training materials. Everything we do is oriented toward enabling the Kenyan churches to pass on to faithful men the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have designed several different "tracks" for ministry training to accommodate the diversity of life situations in Kenya. These flexible tracks also include periodic theological Bible training conferences, block module training that can be administered in Nairobi and also in the rural areas, and providing masters and bachelors programs in Nairobi on the mission land. We desire to disciple and train East Africa's future spiritual leadership through these endeavors.

The training of Kenyans in this manner presents other exciting opportunities outside of a church planting movement in Kenya alone. Kenyans who are trained have the potential to reach people in other nearby East African countries, like Sudan and Somalia, which are predominantly Muslim and "closed" to traditional western missionaries. The Africans have the opportunity to reach, preach, and impact the lives of people that we could never touch. Due to these considerations we believe the Lord has brought all these factors together to provide an exciting future for East African missions.

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